Adult Lay Rescuer Skill Evaluator Reviews

What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “Very thorough testing and amazing videos ”

    ~ Brian from Illinois
  • “This was a great training course. I learned valuable information and many techniques that were much better any class room courses previously attended. I really enjoyed the self paced learning videos, which were fantastic. Most importantly, the instructors on the videos seemed very passionate and caring. ”

    ~ Cliff from California
  • “This site was the best site that I have gone through. It really teaches you exactly what you need to know.”

    ~ Linda Elizabeth, HomeHealth Aide/CNA from Georgia
  • “This is one of the finest and most orderly approaches to training out there. Thanks.”

    ~ Joshua, Physician Assistant from Alaska
  • “The online training and test are very commendable. The program helps a lot of people in terms of safety and saving people's lives.”

    ~ villanueva, caregiver from AB
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “i would like to say that the instructor made it easy and he went over the steps more then one time until i got it and understood ”

    ~ Tara, almost 2 years ago
  • “Very informal and understanding!!”

    ~ Chris M, about 6 years ago
  • “This has been the best course to learn how to be an evaluator for First Aid and CPR I have had.”

    ~ Mike, about 6 years ago
  • “Easy does it!”

    ~ Alberto, over 6 years ago
  • “This training was excellent! It was very easy to follow and very informative”

    ~ Kaitlin, over 6 years ago
  • “Very good instruction ”

    ~ Adam, over 6 years ago
  • “This course is exactly what we need. With employees out on locations this will give them the time needed to do the on-line portion and the evaluator can then schedule a time to conduct the hands-on training, freeing up time needed.”

    ~ Keith, almost 7 years ago
  • “Fun, enjoyable, informative, definitely for the lay person. I highly recommend PROCPR.”

    ~ Linda, almost 7 years ago
  • “ ProFirstAid is absolutely one of the best methods for ensuring effective training for remotely located employees. The training can be completed at each person's own pace and there is plenty of time alotted for completion. The skill evaluator training makes it very handy to evaluate employee skills in the field. I highly recommend this training.”

    ~ Jalena, over 7 years ago
  • “I think that is was very good.”

    ~ Christopher, over 7 years ago
  • “excellent way to get the training on your own time!!!”

    ~ Bill, over 7 years ago
  • “Great training! I especially love the fact that I can review the material at any time in order to stay fresh and up to speed on the knowledge necessary to perform the skills correctly. ”

    ~ Brian K., over 8 years ago
  • “I really enjoyed the video and it made things much easier to do from home .”

    ~ Alice, almost 9 years ago
  • “thanks for the training.”

    ~ wendy, about 9 years ago